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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Lula's life : 2018 will end. I'm still alive as a degree student.


Wah masih tidak sangka blog purple ni hidup lagi sampai sekarang. Its funny when i see back then and recap something that i found funny yet sometimes bittersweet. But anyway, i want to recap what i have done. May be a few of critical incidents only.

1. My first Dean's Award

Congratulations for myself. I tot i never managed to get this Dean's award. *lap air mata*

2. FAM trip to Bagan Datok

This trip is fun! All sponsored my Tourism Malaysia. I never thought that Bagan Datuk has beauty like this.

3. Serious trip to Langkawi

I thought i'm gonna die when i do this assignment. Yeah sure its fun to go to trip, do some IV and get condemned when they thought we are not serious *rolls my eyes hard and judging*.

 4. A regular class trip yet its meaningful.

Oh.. nothing to say about this trip. But i wish every sem we had trip like this. Its relaxing.

5. Funny Korean guy.

My group had to do some IV with this Korean restaurant owner. But we thought that 50% of it he speaks non-sense. Ahhh... some language barrier here.

6. Most meaningful Raya

Well, i think this 2018 raya is special.

7. Oppa-deul is back to my lap (kidding)

Muah EXO. My first concert *cried*

Well i think this is the things that i do in 2018. Later on i will update s'mores about my life in 2018. Because the pics is in my phone i'm to lazy to transfer it. Heol.

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