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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse


                               Aku nak buat review sikit. Sebelum nih macam-macam benda aku nak buat review, tapi masalahnya bukan aku sendiri yang guna barang-barang tersebut. Tidak lain tidak bukan bonda kesayangan ku yang menggunakannya, so, baik tak payah buat review. Sementara aku ada masa, dan kebetulan pula ada barang yang nak di review, selain tuh juga aku nak share produk-produk kecantikan yang aku selalu guna.

Well lets say... since i'm toooo fair, i have problem choosing the correct shade for my skin. The problem is, the Watsons outlet that i go recently only sell 8 shade.... huwaa ok snap it. 
  • I have oily skin, when i used bb cream after 2 or 3 hours it will crack, your powder will look like a half-dryied flour. Well, with matte it stop all my problem. My face look like a newborn baby, i even dont use my compact powder when i use matte.
  • I have several problems like black pore at my T-zone, white pore at the zone near with my nose. Its look like a chicken skin sometimes when i use my compact powder. But, matte solve my problem.
  • I dont have concealer. Instead to cover my 'panda'-eyes, i use matte as concealer. 2 THIN layers yaww!!! Its work!!!
  • It feel light at your skin. Its like you in your bare face! I love the feeling. It like my skin have room to breathe.

Imma rather used fingers than brush. Why? Because, every time i used brush the bits will fall before it reach to my face. Since this matte half-dry and half-liquid (thats why some of them fall) Its irked me to the hell and what the waste. This product cost RM 39.90. Gah... although my mum payed for this, but imma being the one 'Who-Like-Haji-Bakhil'  to buy new make-up. LOL. So, i rather used my ring finger to cover up my face and taddah!!!! Newborn Baby Faceu ^^

The others shade.

My skin suitable for Ivory family. But since imma my skin like yellowish and fair. The most suitable shade for me is Light Ivory : Light 0. But now, i'm using Light Ivory : Light 2. So, i will buy the decent shade after i'm finish using the recent matte.

Comes with liquid too.


My skin product almost cames from Maybelline family and SilkyGirl. Gah... imma just a simple girl. I dont always use make-up. Even if i wear make-up too heavy. My face looks like old woman than teenage girl. And i admit that imma also dunno how to use make-up. Ahahahaha.

The collection of bb cream.

Blusher, eyeshadows and compact powder.

  1. Its like liquid eyeliner. But the different is the color is gold!
  2. Since i have big eyes and double eyelids. I use brown color liquid eyeliner.
  3. This from my mum. Stick, black eyeliner. I dont use this often, cause it will make my eyes looks big and weird.
  4. I love this!!! Coffee brown eyeliner and white from SILKYGIRL.

My collection for lip from MAYBELLINE, MENTHOLATUM and VASELINE. I will buy lip tint one day. To get the pretty gradient effect. kekekeke.

P/S : Bila dah abis tulis nih.... baru aku sedar... macam rojak plak bahasa aku. Nak tukar rasanya malas pulak. So, biarkan jerlah.

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Anisya P said...

Hello! Nice to meet you. Aku suka review ini. Aku jadi tertarik untuk beli foundation ini. Im indonesian btw:) hope you'll make another review for beauty products