Kapal Terbang Terhempas

Monday 22 February 2021

2021 Grad. Fulltime worker and..... Welp! I want side income!


Its been awhile that I've been writing on this blog. Ah~~~ I miss the old 2011-2014 blogger. Who doesn't?

I think I will just recape some of my life in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


1. Celebrating Sofwanah 2nd Anniversary joyfully! I think this is the best party I ever attended. Wait. Is this a party? Oh, wtv. Just you know I'm having so much fun!

sorry aida.

2. Living my live as a last sem deg student and also, photographer for my frens. LOL. Always.

i will just post this one pics as deco. sori jia. ahaks.

3. Sabah trip for last big assignment. Thank you my wonderful classmates. This Sabah trip is fun!

4. A night in japan dinner. Ok since Japanese graduate with this type of outfit. Lets go all out. Thank god I found that Hakama. Especially in white. Seriously I have been considering to buy the new one if this akak never sell the secondhand. Phew, pat my back for managed to nab it. I really do like their kimono, jinbei, and especially their yukata. I have 1 yukata, 1 furisode, 1 jinbei, 1 modernized jinbei and 1 haori. i dunno what i will add in my collection next. I just love their clothes so much! Even though my taste pretty much change from JPOP to KPOP. But, oh well.

5. Manage to finish my thesis. Thank you my wonderful teammate! Thus, each of us embark to another journey. Thank you, next!

6. My first solo journey ever! To south Korea. 5 different city. In 1 month. All by myself. Thank you myself that trying hard for planning and saving for 2 years. But this will be a different stories.

7. Shortly after that, i get errr not really my first job. But, erm. Macam biasa, sembang kari je depa ni. So, posting my sign here. " Not searching my soulmate aka husband, but searching my job soulmate"

8. Impromptu Singapore trip. Seriously i thought 2 day 1 night will be enough. To be honest for penniless like me is enough. Hahahahah. With budget just RM300, i'm cried. I dunno how i manage to live with that budget. And the itinerary was made a night before. I never regret this decision. Penniless to the core, but i made a breakthrough to go on with this trip. My gut just keep telling me, u need to go. If not u will regret it later. I'm glad. Since, i'm working at Johor Bahru for 2 months. Why not right? Be stupid or be broke.

how cute is this. Adakah disebabkan latest movie conan pada masa ni setting in SG?

9. AND MY SEC ABE EXO CONCERT!!! KYAHHHHHH!!!! and then Corono hit hard. Erm, babes, please be safe. I will always cheerish this moment. Thank you for coming to Malaysia. Love, Lula.

Eceh, emo apa memalam naip ni. Uhuks. Rindu korang.


1. Still working at the same place but different lacation. Back to Selangor Uolss.

2. Well actually the Corona have hit Malaysia at the ending 2019. But at early 2020 the cases is still controlled. This is the last trip of jalan-jalan and makan-makan. Then, a few weeks after that, its a total lockdown! What a shock. It been so long Cameron Highlands!

3. After a few days before i work for another post having date with mina. Hi, Mina. How are you right now? Just an appreciation post thank you for all this years. Be strong Mina. I love you ma fren.

4. Lost my purpose of life because of corona. Bored corona kid.

5. The first event i attend after the all the lockdown and stuff. Al ebriez

6. One thing that i managed to do this year is WORKOUT. I'm lazy ok. In my life i though i do minimal workout such as brisk walk is enough and during my diploma we have swimming class. Perk being in Diving Club. I have been WFH for how long months. Wearing comfortable clothes all the time. Makes me not conscious with my body change. Then, my work pants cannot be fit anymore. Err....oppss... ok i guess its time to do exercise. But the most i proud off. Hey abs. I love you. Never thought i managed to get my own abs. Ahhahahahaha. 

7. Going to vanilla temerloh place. Ok their waffle is deliciousssss!!!

8. Seriously stuck at home this 2020 makes me crazy. Paragliding have been in my bucket list for so long. i Just think why not? It worth my money and time. No regret. Next, Sky Diving.

9. Managed to finish my degree with flying colors. On top of that got ANC award. Its an honor and privileged to get this award. Truly. A few hiccups here and there before and during the ceremony. But it does not matter anymore.


1. The project that have been discussed over a year cannot be used anymore due to flood. So lets go crazy. New mall opening. New working space. It finally over living as wandering soul for a year. LOL.

2. Slow abs progression. Sorry my muscle and abs. I'm very busy. The things i realize the most when i'm fit is I feel healthy, i feel good. Seriously want to maintain the effort that have been done for months.

3. Still busy af

4. So things happening is when i'm one of the closest contact with the positive person. Thus got 10 days of quarantine with white bracelet and so on. Then, there suddenly a case where people that should be in quarantine come to our mall. On top of that they are positive. Asshole. Why you ever bother live like that? So, we need to close our mall for 3 days due sanitation work. Then, the district that i live have so many positive cases. And here i am being a potato at  home for 14 days. Belum apa-apa awal tahun 2021 pun dah cuti banyak-banyak. Aiyoyoyo.

5. I think that it, recapping about my life. So, just help this poor soul. Can you suggest side work for me? Just want to earn few penny. I'm not really good with managing my own business. Sure can do the marketing. But what i loathe more is being an agent. Really dont want that. Because i want to hold my stock. Seriously i want to being a model. Can i achieve this pipe dream? Ahahahahahah. Tell me your suggestion!